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Kemenangan Jaya Group


The Kemenangan Jaya Group started the business in 1980 as ceramic and its accessories retailer. In the next few years later the group has become a distributor of many well-known ceramic tile brands for Indonesian market. With proven strong spreading distribution channel in almost all provinces in Indonesia, Kemenangan Group has the opportunity to built 3 factories with some local partners between year 1991 until 1993. Starting in year 1994, Kemenangan Group has managed to built their own factories :

1. Start in 1994 Kemenangan Group built their first 100% owned factory PT. INDUSTRI KERAMIK KEMENANGAN JAYA (IKKJ), under notary act No.128 by H. Asmawel Amin SH., dated on March 30th 1994.
In the same year, the group also created a distribution company PT. PURI KEMENANGAN JAYA as the main distributor for all their production.

2. In year 1997, Kemenangan Group built their 2nd factory, PT. UBIN KERAMIK KEMENANGAN JAYA (UKKJ), to respond the market’s increasing demand.

3. Later in year 2002, Kemenangan Group built the 3rd factory PT. LANTAI EMAS KEMENANGAN JAYA (LEKJ) to increase the capacity.

PT. Puri Kemenangan Jaya as the main distributor for all 3 factories has more than 60 dealers that covered all regions in Indonesia. Each dealer also has 100 to 200 sub dealers, so totally there are more than 6000 sub dealers that sell products of Kemenangan Jaya Group. Until year 2011, Kemenangan Jaya Group factories which stand on more than 30 acre land has 13,86 million square meter maximum capacity per year, and more than 1140 human resources. With long terms experiences and resources continues improvement, Kemenangan Jaya Group has able to produce wide variations of wall and floor ceramic tiles in sizes : 10x50, 20x25, 15x45, 20x40, 33x33, 40x40 and even unique & creative irregular sizes.


As property trends moving forward to green architecture, start in 2008 the company focus to develop premium ceramic products with unique and natural stone-look designs under the CENTRO Keramik Batu Alam brand. Within short time, CENTRO has received highly positive respond from the market with its unique motifs, textured and natural stone designs.


All three factories by Kemenangan Jaya Group equipped with state-of-the-art technologies from Italy. From press machine and kiln to ensure the quality of tile body until the finishing step to create texture depth and beautiful color of European tile designs. The company was the first manufacturer in South East Asia and the third in the world that able to produce natural stone ceramics with deep texture using the advanced digital printing technology. CENTRO Keramik Batu Alam has distributed to almost all ceramic districts in Indonesia and exported to many countries such as Malaysia, Korea, China, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Mauritius and some Middle East countries.


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